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Taylor Guitar's Wood & Steel:

When the liner notes on a solo CD indicate that it was recorded with no overdubbing, it's usually to underscore that the player required no studio magic to achieve impressive results. On Well Strung & Solo, by Pete Miserendino, it states that "Pete performed all these songs on one 6-string acoustic guitar in one take. No double-tracking. No overdubbing. No tricks." After several listens, the disclaimer reads not as veiled boasting but as pure reverence for the glories of unadorned solo guitar, because that's what comes across in the music. Crisp chording, jazzy voicings, lovingly unfurled melodies, and flawless bass-rhythm-melody coordination illuminate the original material and provide graceful, evocative perspectives on John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy," several Meredith Wilson compositions, and Dale Evans' cowgirl classic, "Happy Trails."

In an interview, Miserendino claimed that he initially "recorded the entire album . . . on analog equipment in a professional studio," but was "disappointed in the lack of presence . . . It was about this time that I fell head-over-heels in love with a Taylor 812-C. I swallowed hard and made the decision to re-record the project myself with digital equipment, using the Taylor exclusively." The results, he concluded, were "like night and day." Very nice stuff.

Alternate Music Press:

This is a superb collection of 15 pieces performed in one take, solo on a beautiful Taylor cutaway acoustic guitar. Fans of legendary pickers like Dan Crary, Leo Kottke and Stephen King will be delighted in this selection. The album begins with a brilliant display of finger-picking in the plaintive original, "Change of Heart". Guitar lovers will find much to rave about on this cut as well as the remaining 14 songs. Strong melodies are the hallmark of the album, showcasing Peter's virtuosity, and the reach into contemporary music that his guitar playing style truly possesses. After a few measures the listener will intuitively tune into the lively freshness of Peter's playing and composing. Songs like John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy" and Peter's own composition,"With Every Sign of the Cross" showcase his exceptional, original and spirited guitar playing. With his unique style of fiery finger picking, flying all over the fretboard with the grace of an Olympic gymnast, Miserendino's performance is unparalleled.

Finger-style, guitarist Pete Miserendino plays classic popular songs from a wide range of eras. All renditions are performed with Pete's unique finger-style arrangements which are an amazing melding of bass, rhythm and lead lines. The rhythm, bass and lead lines are performed simultaneously by Pete on one guitar in one take. No recording tricks. The melodies are timeless and the performance is amazing!